A&K Research employs a variety of qualitative research methodologies depending upon the specific objectives of the research initiative.

  • Traditional in-person focus groups – observation behind one-way mirror
  • Online Bulletin Boards – 2-3 day online discussions
  • Online Focus Groups – real time chat discussions
  • iMarkIt™ Concept Testing – participants ‘mark up’ visual concepts
  • IDIs – Individual depth interviews – one participant
  • Large group sessions – qualitative and quantitative
  • Telesessions – Via telephone
  • Videosessions – Via videoconferencing

A&K Research is fully capable in addressing issues among all socio-economic groups of consumers, the highest levels of management in business, including CEO, CFO and Operations, and employees.

Each type of session is utilized to meet specific research objectives.  The majority of qualitative work still relies on the traditional focus group with eight to 10 participants.  Group interaction is useful to ensure that all reactions and ideas regarding a product or service emerge.  However, there may be times where sensitive topics may be covered and small group dynamics may not be suitable.  In these cases IDIs may be appropriate.

On other occasions, dyads might be used for products where household couples participate in the decision process and influence by other people outside the household needs to be avoided.

Business-to-business projects may involve a small number of potential participants; thus mini-sessions may be most suited

A&K Research obtains a thorough understanding of the research and marketing objectives through discussion with his clients before making the final recommendation on the methodology best suited for each engagement.